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    HSIA pay attention to the combination of personnel training, management and education, in addition to the special training, daily work and focus on guidance and training. HSIA to create a good corporate culture and office conditions to create a stylish, elegant, warm working environment, to build a talent show platform. Science and human nature of human evaluation mechanism, the degree of personal design talent promotion channel. Talent growth means that BOYI growth, companies and individuals to create a better future.


    Please send your resume to the mailbox.:hsia@chinahsia.cn

    Sales Director

    Job responsibilities:

    1, the senior management positions, to assist the decision makers in formulating the company's development strategy, responsible for its function in the field of short-term and long-term company policy and strategic, exert substantial influence on the accomplishment of the company's long-term goals;

    2, responsible for the company's business development, sales operations, can be a strong plan to change into results;

    3, set the sales target, sales model, sales strategy, sales budget and incentive plan;

    4, the establishment and management of sales team, standardize the sales process, sales target;

    5, analyze the new and original distribution system or sales channels of the market potential, sales data and cost, the calculation of profit and loss;

    6, pay attention to maintain and improve the company's market competitiveness.

    Job requirements:

    1, with marketing or related major, college degree or above;

    5, more than 2 years relevant industry experience, 3 years of product sales and channel management experience;

    3, excellent team building experience, team management ability, good at coordinating marketing team work;

    4, a keen sense of market consciousness, strain capacity, leadership and ability to independently develop the market, learning ability, strong logic and good language expression ability;

    5, with a strong sense of initiative, energetic, healthy, optimistic, open-minded, full of pioneering spirit;

    6, be able to adapt to frequent business trips.


    Commodity Manager

    Job responsibilities:

    1, the development of the company's commodity management plan, the annual commodity management budget, annual / quarterly / monthly work plan, and reasonable control costs, organization and implementation;

    2, every quarter overall product development, data statistics in previous years, and the preparation of OTC plan band table, collaborative design department to do a good job of products listed on the band, the category structure, price structure, band color planning;

    3, to do a good job in the commodity file, data processing, commodity retail price formulation, for the order will provide goods information and order support;

    4, to assist the factory management, to help solve the problem of production quality, reasonable arrangements for the plant production needs, meet the output;

    5, according to the market demand for the listing of the plan, the rhythm of the listing of rationality, the organization of pricing review meeting, review the various categories of new product pricing;

    6, collect the sales target and the product demand information, audit and determine the matching of the annual plan and budget;

    7, the development of terminal inventory standards and channel classification and matching and supervise the implementation of the results of the operation, guide and supervise the work of the client and self terminal budget objectives;

    8, guide the marketing activities of commodity distribution, commodity summary and on-site support, guide key customers and flagship store merchandise


    9, complete the related system establishment, release and propaganda work, the Department team ability building.

    Job requirements:

    1, full-time college degree or above, major in marketing, business administration and other related majors;

    5, more than 2 years of experience in product management in the apparel retail industry, and more than 3 years of experience in the same position;

    3, familiar with the development trend of the apparel industry, grasp the commodity operation management process, familiar with the operation of competing goods;

    4, be able to grasp the commodity development needs, skilled in the supply of goods, commodity life cycle control;

    5, have good product planning ability, team leadership ability, training guidance ability, can skilled operation office software;

    6, have good communication and coordination ability, logical thinking ability, analysis and judgment ability and customer service consciousness.



    Design Director

    Job responsibilities:

    Responsible for the entire design of the underwear, the leading brand of the style established, the design of the design and planning, the selection of materials, production samples, version of the control, design and other work.

    Job requirements:

    Female, 22 years of age or above, the relevant professional graduate, have underwear or fashion design experience is preferred.



    Senior underwear Designer

    Job responsibilities:

    Responsible for the design, the new underwear market research, development, follow up material collection, proofing version determination, style evaluation

    Job requirements:

    Female, 22 years of age or above, the relevant professional graduate, have underwear or fashion design experience is preferred



    Merchandising and graphic design

    Job responsibilities:

    1, a wealth of shops and window display experience, the clothing display, window design, color matching have unique insights;

    2, with a keen sense of fashion and fashion trend of the aesthetic ability;

    3, underwear brand VI design, publicity and promotion of graphic design;

    4, the network underwear brand promotion design

    5, brand culture of publicity and promotion design

    Two, to participate in the 6 season of the album shooting and production;

    7, participate in terminal image design and production.

    Job requirements:

    Men and women is not limited, 22 years of age or above, college degree or above, relevant professional graduate, familiar with the display of professional knowledge of the apparel industry, understand three-dimensional space design is preferred.



    Senior underwear pattern division

    Job responsibilities:

    Responsible for the domestic market, a kind of underwear pattern modification and improvement, market research and development as well as the new type.

    Job requirements:

    Female, 3 years above a second tier domestic brands and large OEM underwear factory office main pattern division work experience, familiar with bras, swimwear, corsets, suspenders, hanging skirts, pattern of pajamas at home.



    Brand promotion specialist

    Job responsibilities:

    1) to be responsible for the promotion of the brand of underwear brand

    2) to participate in the construction of brand image, from the media construction and other related work

    Job requirements:

    1, female, 25 years of age or above, bachelor degree or above.

    2, a copy of the foundation, with planning skills, good communication.

    3, have the relevant workers priority.



    Buyers purchased

    Job responsibilities:

    Search for popular information, the development of outsourcing supply channels, procurement outsourcing goods.

    Job requirements:

    Female, college degree or above, more than 24 years of age, fashion sense, a dedicated spirit, can adapt to the field trip.



    Network sales customer service

    Job responsibilities:

    1, underwear brand VI design;

    2, underwear product promotion of graphic design;

    3, the network underwear brand promotion design;

    4, brand culture of publicity and promotion design;

    Two, to participate in the 5 season of the album shooting and production;

    6, participate in terminal image design and production.

    Job requirements:

    Men and women is not limited to, 22 years of age or above, college degree or above, relevant professional graduate, understand three-dimensional space design is preferred.



    Lynx customer service

    Job responsibilities:

    1, can skillfully use chat tools and customer communication to facilitate transactions;

    2, follow up and process orders, tracking orders delivery status;

    3, handling customer service return, order processing;

    4, VIP customer base maintenance, key core customer base maintenance and interaction.

    Job requirements:

    1, technical secondary school or above, major in electronic business;

    2, typing speed 60 words / minute above, can skilled use of chat tools, familiar with the basic operation process of the shop;

    3, with Taobao, online store customer service experience or underwear sales experience is preferred;

    4, good at communication, expression and response ability, can work under pressure;

    5, with strong sales and customer service awareness;

    6, a strong sense of responsibility and team spirit;

    7, learning ability, quick thinking, good work;

    Work related:

    1, the size of the rest of the week company system, customer service sooner or later shifts the value of the post, the basic salary plus performance appraisal system;

    2, sales take much, electricity supplier company at an early stage of development, internal promotion of large space occupation.

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