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  • 【Staff style】Xichong Dapeng - walking on the road

    In August 2014, no. 2, the weather is sunny and paths of Chinese traditional Chinese valentine's day, shenzhen game industrial co., LTD. Employees and their families with dozens of people drive to the country's most beautiful eight big beach, west beach, start west blunt yangmei pit two days one night trip.
    Reach the beach, under the guidance of the guide began to set up tents in the live-action CS field & the boat sped jungle lover island "activities;The next day in yangmei pit along the seaside, blowing wind, comfortable ride.Finally came to the dapeng ancient city, watch the unique ancient architecture, everywhere ingenious design, the ancient city of national characteristics, make people linger.This trip, we fully embodies the "ist HSIA mofa brand" the spirit of unity and friendship among, also reflected the HSIA distant brand culture.

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