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    Brief introduction Course Culture Honor

    VISION  Become the international famous brands

    Industry positioning: 

    Apparel underwear industry, including bra, underwear, home clothes, bathing suit, warm clothing, etc..  

    Where to go:

    International famous clothing brand professional operation organization. We have a vision of the following ways to choose:

    - we will be the company's own brand to create an internationally renowned brand;

    - we become the professional agents of the international famous brands;

    - we have the capital operation and operation of the international well-known brands of clothing. 

    Development goals:

    - international. We define an international, which is beyond China, involving many countries and regions. "International" standard is: in addition to the world's largest consumer market, China, we in the fashion front France, Italy, Britain and other countries, and we open straight battalion store terminal, the in the areas where have certain brand force, including brand reputation, reputation, loyalty

    Well known. Our brand in the international, for the positioning of the group, there is a certain influence, its direct measure is the number of stores and sales.

    - professional. Professional, in this sense is: first, the meaning of a specialized; two is a very thorough understanding of a thing of the experts.


    VISSION  For the majority of women to provide a more comfortable wearing experience
    Comfortable, is HSIA - Ya constant mission. In emphasizing the sexy, charm, concentration, adjustment of complicated social trends, Hsia - Ya still insist on in order to create a comfortable and harmonious aesthetics as the main goal, to promote the majority of women pay attention to the physical and mental relaxation and health, shape beauty of temperament and body curve. Hsia - Ya design style tend to simple, with minimal resources, realize the right of expression; a comfortable and healthy product design concept to meet the needs of female consumers.


    VISSION  For the majority of women to provide a more comfortable wearing experience

    The original design is Hsia - ya to establish confidence in the thousands of years of cultural heritage, is to adhere to the principle under the background of consumption culture. Hsia - Ya's starting point is to make more female friends to enjoy high quality design of underwear, so mid-range price positioning, so that consumers can accept, consumption without the burden, consumption sustainable, to provide consumers with more reasonable and value for money price.

    Environmental health is every enterprise should carry out the social responsibility, Hsia - Ya in the design, the production, the choice of fabric insisted the concept of environmental protection, implementation of green economy, to ensure sustainable development, truly achieve the harmony between man and nature.


    CONCEPT  The details are our insistence.

    All passion's goals are to be achieved by continued adherence to the details, regardless of design, material, manufacturing, process, service, detail decides everything. Hsia - Ya will continue to explore and improve their health comfortable to wear underwear, patience and perseverance to construct plastic paranoia of the fine, only the paranoid can really lead to the road to success.


    SPIRIT  Modesty and openness, solidarity and cooperation

    HSIA Ya praised the passion and creativity, focus on long-term planning and consideration. For the future, adhere to the efforts to achieve, ordinary will be wonderful. Adhere to share, open, equality and trust of the concept of corporate culture, the three lines, there must be my teacher Yan, only modest open attitude, unity team to the good of the communication goal away into the distance.